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Need an emergency repair? The Gars de la fissure team caters to your needs 7 days a week. We are an experienced, knowledgeable and professional team. Our goal is to provide you with fast, quality service that meets your needs. Whether it is for the inspection or repair of cracks, French drains, collection wells, the creation of copings to prevent water from infiltrating the basement, pyrite decontamination and even construction projects. excavation, we are the team for you!

Foundation Cracks

In Canada, the change of seasons, the weather (freeze-thaw) are factors that cause cracks to form. Regardless of the size of a crack, they can cause foundation water infiltration problems. If not yet, one day or another, the problem will become apparent on the inside. Hence the importance of treating cracks the first time they appear, otherwise they will grow and make the situation worse.

We advise you to call on experts to repair your foundation cracks. This avoids huge costs associated with more serious damage such as mold problems in walls or floors as well as deterioration of concrete and its reinforcement.

In recent years, we have gained knowledge and extensive experience in foundation crack repair. This qualifies us to analyze your situation and offer you personalized solutions. In addition, thanks to our intervention techniques and work methodology, we are able to guarantee you quality work and unparalleled speed of execution. We also offer very competitive prices; which makes us benchmarks in the field.


Once you call on our expertise, we take the time to inspect your cracks throughout the greater Montreal area. For this, our professionals will ask you questions for a detailed description of the problem. Once the situation has been analyzed and understood, we can give you a detailed estimate to avoid any unpleasant surprises related to unplanned work.

Our team is qualified to meet all your crack repair needs, namely:

  • Corner cracks in house foundation
  • Cracks under ventilation hatch
  • Window corner cracks
  • Inground pool cracks

French Drain

Are you facing problems with water infiltration in the basement? Do you see the formation of various dangerous fungi? Is the humidity level in your home very high? Do you notice changes in the floor level or that it is lifting? Do you see that there is swelling in various areas of the walls and floor?

If you are concerned with any of these challenges then you need our French drain installation services. It is a method of harnessing gravity to divert water from a home. This is possible thanks to the creation of a path allowing the water to move. The French drain forms a small ditch in which our experts install a pipe. The water can then travel through the hose and is kept a safe distance from your home.

Our Expertise

Are you looking for French drain experts in the Montreal, Laval or South Shore region? Our team will be able to assist you in carrying out your work. Indeed, we offer professional services in installation and repair of French drains. Our subject matter expertise allows us to determine whether you need an interior or exterior French drain.

In addition, our company has developed high-performance techniques to perform all your work in compliance with industry standards. By entrusting us with your projects, you are sure to benefit from quality work and sound advice in this area.

Our Technique

  1. The first step is to add or repair a drainage system around the foundations to eliminate water infiltration and wet basement problems.
  2. French drains must lead water to a sewer, ditch or well. We therefore install at the base of the soles to facilitate the collection and redirection of the water.
  3. French drains, or perimeter drains, have a minimum diameter of 4”. They are lined on all sides and on top of at least 6” of crushed stone. They are covered with a geotextile membrane to prevent the accumulation of debris that could quickly clog the drain.

Collection Well

Capture wells or infiltration wells are structures that allow surface runoff to be evacuated through underground pipes. Unlike other types of wells, collection wells do not have a water inlet directly on the ground surface. Their absorption capacity comes from installing porous materials and a serpentine drain below the soil surface in order to continue cultivating the soil above.

Several materials can be used to filter the water build-up. This is for example stone, wood chips or straw. It is also necessary to take into consideration that the choice of material affects the longevity of the collection well.

Stone is a more expensive material. However, it ensures increased longevity. As for the straw, which offers a more economical solution, it decomposes quickly. The use of wood chips depends on its availability in different regions. In terms of decomposition, wood chips are a better alternative to straw.

Our Know-How

At Gars de la Fissure, we have the necessary skills to install your collection wells. We can count on the quality of our equipment and the experience of our team to take care of all your residential or commercial work. Our team has the know-how and the skills to deliver quality work to you. And, while respecting the predefined budget as well as the allotted deadlines.

Within our team, dedication and customer satisfaction are at the heart of all our projects. This is why we listen carefully to fully understand your situation and respond to it effectively. We work with passion to satisfy each of your needs and offer you services that perfectly meet all your requirements.

Window Well

A coping is essential to avoid problems of water infiltration and humidity in the basement. It is a protection made of steel, stone, concrete or wood. A coping is attached to the foundation to retain the soil. It helps prevent the floor from being too close to the window.

It is recommended that you create a space of at least 8 inches between the windows and the floor. Adequate clearance must also be provided before installation. This space serves as an emergency exit and helps prevent water infiltration that can cause more costly damage.

Our Skills

Installing window wells requires extensive knowledge of the Quebec Construction Code and municipal standards. Our team has solid knowledge of these regulations and is able to put them into practice. We are therefore qualified to assist you in all your window well installation procedures. Our operators can get your jobs done with unmatched speed and precision.

Our Techniques

We have developed some techniques for the safe installation of copings:

  1. Dig around the window a space 10 to 14 inches deep below the base of the window
  2. Create an 8 inch distance on each side of the window
  3. Install the well above the height of the finished floor
  4. Make sure that the well is centered in relation to the window
  5. Proceed to the shoulder of the coping on the wall
  6. Draw holes to define the location of the holes to be drilled
  7. Fill the bottom of crushed stone up to 6 inches below the bottom of the window

Although these methods seem very intuitive and easy to perform, you absolutely need the intervention of an expert. Because he has the experience, the right tools and knows industry standards. This assures you of quality results and a sustainable investment. Now call on our team in the greater Montreal area to receive a free quote for your projects.


Pyrite is a mineral that is often found in the crushed stone of the embankment at the level of the foundations. Year after year, pyrite comes in contact with oxygen and can create harmful chemical reactions. These reactions cause the backfill to swell.

Do you notice any elements that indicate the swelling of the backfill? Is the concrete slab swollen or deformed? Have the walls perpendicular to the concrete slab shifted? Do you notice any cracks in the concrete? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it is imperative to call in professionals for pyrite decontamination.

Contacting pyrite decontamination professionals will save you the costs associated with greater damage that could adversely affect the structure and health of your building. Contact one of our experts now for preventive pyrite decontamination throughout the Montérégie region. This will certainly allow you to keep the value of your property.

Our Expertise

The Gars de la Fissure team has developed expertise in the removal and decontamination of pyrite and in the field of foundation repairs. Our many years of experience allow us to operate effectively in the sector of repairing foundations and foundations for houses and commercial buildings.

Whatever the complexity of your work, we are able to meet all your challenges with flying colors. We are successful in every pyrite decontamination work; whether they are simple or complex.


Whether you want to install a patio, driveway, fountain, garden or in-ground pool, excavation is the first step in your construction work. This helps ensure the stability and durability of your construction project. This is why you must call in excavation professionals operating in accordance with the rules of the art.

As a specialized contractor, Gars de la Fissure offers you a professional excavation service in the Montérégie region. Whatever your needs, our professionals will find the best solution for you. We carry out each of your residential projects with excellence.

Our turnkey residential excavation service includes a wide range of options. Thus, we help homeowners with lawn and garden work, dig septic tanks and sewage systems. We also support our clients to transport sand and gravel, replace pipes, dig swimming pools and excavate basements, etc.

Contact our excavation experts to discuss the realization of your projects. Whether it is for a patio, a driveway, a fountain, a garden or an in-ground pool, we can help you.

Specialized Equipment

To carry out excavation work efficiently, you need professional construction equipment. We have a fleet of specialized machinery to carry out the digging work on your site. For this purpose, we have excavators, dump trucks for transporting soil and much more.

Calling on professionals to carry out your excavation work is not an option. It’s a priority! A successful excavation guarantees you a stable future construction. Our team will deliver satisfactory results that meet the rules of the art. Also, we are committed to respecting the deadlines and your budget.

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